Sage Tucker-Ketcham

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Early Evening Houses and Barns Resting on the Hills July Red Barn Hiding Bule Barn Blue Barn Nesting on Three Hills
Red Empty Barn with Three Windows Red Empty Barn with One Window Two Red Barns Facing Each Other Two Red Barns with Three Mountains
Red Barn with Two Trees and Two Mountains Red Barn with Two Mountains Red House, Blue Barn Green Barn on Hill

Burlington, Vermont

In Tucker-Ketcham's paintings, rolling hills, barns, houses, clouds, trees, and even lakes become their own individual parts and pieces in her almost abstract compostitions. These parts reflect her relational studies of color theory.

Sage says that she builds a mental "bank of images and color palettes" to use in her colorful and playful paintings.

We feature Tucker-Ketcham's new series "places and landscapes" -small paintings of spare, almost abstracted houses with stark minimalist backgrounds.

Artist's Statement:

My works are small, intimate and tangible oil paintings. They're focused on using color and light to create balance, but also blur the line between observation and abstraction of nature.