Scott Tubby

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City Lights New Development Neighbors On the Beach
Cul de Sac Pale Moon Over Green Sea Quiet Evening Up Above the Rooftops
Moon Over the Water Moonlight on the Bay Row House View Rooftops

Rockport, Massachusetts

Artist Statement:

I feel fortunate to have worked as an artist for most of my life. To be able to spend my working days doing something I'm passionate about is a gift. Through my hands, head, and heart - and your apprciation of my art, I aim to bring a sense of beauty, mystery and joy into the world.

Painting is Scott's passion. Since graduating from the Finnish art scool, Taidekoulu Maa in Helsinki, he has had successful solo shows in Helsinki galleries and his paintings have been exhibited in group shows both here in the US and in Finland. His latest canvases create slightly altered veiws of reality - another dimension that is similar but not quite our own. He paints from the point of view of a tourist - fresh, as though seeing things for the first time. The subjects are places and things in our day to day surroundings - things that we often take for granted and pay little or no attention to. By adding emotional components through line and color, he gives us a hint of story, maybe yours, that resides in the shadows.

Scott's paintings are whimsical, architectural explorations of form, color, light and shadow and certainly reflect a Finnish influence.