Hannah Sessions

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Milking Time At MoSe Farm Chickens in Doorway, Winter Araucana Hen with Green I Araucana Hen with Green II
White Chicken, Shadow Chasing

Hardy Hen Brown Chicken Hogan Barn at Night
Presence of Giants Red Barn, Winter Sun

Ducks in Winter II Sunset in Barn Windows Cloud Shadows on Hill Behind Farm
Portrait of Elm

Group of Sheep in Winter Neighbors, Three Sheep Neighbors, Two Sheep around the Corner Hay Wagon and Snow Shadows
Migration Series, Steady "V"

Migration Series, Upward Lift Crawford Barn View of Farm in Fog Goshen Dam
wo Cows with Sweeping Clouds Dewey Road Portrait of Krim with Green and Goats Snowy Valley Field Lone Tree in Break of Clouds White Goat  with Shadow

New work arriving soon!

Salisbury Vermont

Artist Statement:

My art has always come from a place of instinct for me. When I paint, it's like meditation- an opportunity to fully see and appreciate the beauty and wonder around us. My life and my observations reduce down to a pure essence- and it pours onto the surface of the canvas.

The challenge for me as a painter is how to convey an idea with the least number of paint strokes so that the viewer fills in the rest. This leads to a conversation between artist and veiwer, and allows the piece to change and have a life of its own.

Hannah is an alum of Bates College school of art and lives with her husband on their goat farm is rural Salisbury, Vermont. She finds farm life to be an inspiration for her Vermont paintings. Her images have made her a favorite of the gallery.