Jean-Pierre Schoss

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Jean Pierre graduate from the Ontario College of Art in 1990.  He is a multimedia artist using steel as a primary medium.  To work the steel he uses a plasma cutter, welder, oxygen/acetylene and a forge.  He creates his sculptures including pigs, frogs, angels, birds, and arbors using recycled steel from oil tanks, propane tanks and anything else interesting that comes his way.  He cuts apart and reshapes the metal to design and orchestrate his ideas.  Jean Pierre uses every scrap cutaway from other works to build 3-dimensional sculptures.  The result is a rustic, multi-colored form with small cut-out images hiding within the form from the earlier pieces. 

Jean Pierre's work has a primitive and very balanced nature, full of whimsy and humor.  The rugged, dented and painted oil tanks add a character that speaks of a life that is a part of us all. 
In the Artist's Words:

"I enjoy humor and cartoons.  My work often makes people laugh. Since I work with oil tanks and propane tanks, I have to think like an engineer.  I meet the challenge of recreating the shape of a propane tank into a totally different form.  I build jigs in order to fabricate forms and give special thought to the structure and strength of my sculptures.  I make a variety of creatures that can be installed in interaction with one another.  You can play by putting a 6-foot alligator in the bushes near a group of unsuspecting creates who are running by.  My work invites you to play.  I want to create what makes people happy.  I make works that are viewed as part of our North American culture and heritage."