Lucie Phillips

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Near Tower Needlepoint Bunched Day Trip To the Point
Blue and Green Fresh Snow Swish Pretty Blue Looming Cloud Mirage
Blue Barn Following Peeking Bling Cool Cabin Long Lost
Snowfield Chop Chop High & Low Lucie My Journey LP Lightweight Jacket
Out in Back Echoing Across Docked Sun Sleek Side Door
Welcome Stand Alone Hiker Toward Home On the Bend Fringe

Winnetka, Illinois

Artist Statement:

Wherever I find myself, in the rural countryside, lakeshore or in a city, I discover a story to tell. Life is to be celebrated! My hope is to elicit feelings from you, the viewer, that evoke the past or present, while moving toward the future.

Lucie's work is the result of her interpretation of the American landscape. Wind-blown skies, water with a hint of the shore or craggy landscapes create fresh and vivid contemporary scenes that evoke real life imagery. Continually observing nature and the changing environment, motivates and inspires her painting.

Lucie’s work is exhibited nationally and is included in the US Embassy rotating art program. Her work has been recognized with numerous awards and honors from juried shows and exhibitions. Having taught art for over twenty five years, she considers the opportunity to work with students and to teach others an opportunity as rewarding and creating her own paintings and her gallery showings.