Jon Olsen

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Drying Shed
White Barn

Hillside Pasture

Five Trees


East Hill Farm

Red Barns


Sugar House
Spring Oak
Still Water

New Photographs are always coming into the Gallery.

Norwich, Vermont

Artist Statement:

I generally consider my images to be more found than created. My process involves going out and exploring under certain favorable light conditions, frequently involving snow, fog, rain or overcast. I am usually after a soft flat, and shadowless light. Some folks say some of the images look as if they were painted. I think this is mostly because of the quality of light, which differs from the more high contrast quality often asssociated with photography. I am generally drawn toward simple compositions and pastoral subjects that exude quiet, stillness, and calm.

John became involved with photography in high school in the 70's and is generally self-taught. He earned a degree in Political Science, but pursued photography as a career right out of college. Over the years he’s owned a photography gallery on the Maine coast and later became involved in other endeavors. Several years ago Jon returned to photography, his true love. John’s studio is in Norwich, Vermont, where he lives with his wife and three children.

In 2006 Jon was presented the Award for Excellence by Boston University's Photographic Resource Center.