Mary Jo O'Gara

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White Flower, Black Vase Orange Fleur Old Red Barn
White Barn, Green Field Red Kalanchoe Pink Roses, Violet Base

Wilmette, Illinois

Artist Statement:

I find that my newer pieces are more spontaneous and freer. I’m excited about this change.

O’Gara’s still life and landscape work showcase her commitment to color, freshness, and spontaneity.

Mary Jo’s rural roots have been a consistent influence on her work, which centers around skillfully rendered painterly landscapes and still lives. Her technique is an adaptation of traditional impressionism. Mary Jo begins with a photographic trip through the countryside. She then draws on her reference photos back in the studio just long enough to spur an emotive, spontaneous application of paint. Her work is typically finished alla prima, meaning wet-on-wet, and in one session, maximizing her sense of connection to the environment that inspires her.