Jon MacAdam

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River in Vermont Seven Clouds Farm Farm in Vermont
Fruitland Winter Hay Bales Vermont Vermont Farm Ottoquechee River

Leominster, Massachusetts

Growing up on the Massachusetts North Shore, Jon fell in love with the marshes, rivers and inlets of New England and now travels throughout the region finding inspiration for his work. Jon's early studies were in Italy where he learned the skill of layering glazes with oils creating what he calls the “MacAdam glow”.

Jon’s paintings have a unique inner glow radiating from his skies and water brought alive by his appreciable skills as a painter. The emotional and even spiritual impact of his paintings is serene, palpable and powerful.

Artist's Statement:

My work explores beauty in our modern age. These paintings for the most part are in the tradition of the realist painters of the 19th century. I am drawn to find the places that are overlooked; the beauty that might be glimpsed from a car window. I hope to tempt the viewer into the imagination where there is motion, ambiguity, and memory.