Wendy Lichtensteiger

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Great Blue Heron

Pileated Woodpecker Blue Jay



Green Heron
Red Tail Hawk Crow on a Pole

Scarlet Ibis

Piping Plover

Blue Jay
I have been carving since my late teens. My choice of material, American Wormy Chestnut is recycled from old log cabins, barns and bridges. Logs are rough cut on a band saw, sanded and chiseled into shape, pieced together and mounted on a base. After the legs and feet are formed, the piece is stained rather than painted, enhancing the chestnuts “feathery” grain. With a shared love of nature and woodworking I create a variety of wildlife from Songbirds to Sharks, Roadrunners to Sea Turtles. Whether on a table, hung on the wall or flying through the air, my pieces display the beauty of nature both in the grain of the wood and the natural form of the subject. My work is displayed in specialty shops and galleries within the United States and collections throughout the world.

A note about the wood…. Before succumbing to blight in the early 20th Century, American Chestnut was considered the “queen” of our eastern forests. The wood being lightweight, soft, easy to split and its resistance to decay made it a natural choice for poles, fences, pilings, and log cabins. After dying many of the trees left standing were infested with small borers, who chewed pin sized holes into the wood, hence the term “wormy”. Cracks and checks are a natural characteristic of the wood. Please keep your carving protected from direct sunlight, and harsh heating conditions. Enjoy Your Carving!