Megan Woodard Johnson

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Unexpected Compliment Unexpected Day Off Did You Get Your Homework Done What Do You Want To Do Today Stopping In My Tracks
Giving In To YOur Sweet Tooth The Myster Of It All Walking to School #4 Walking to School #5 Walking to School #9
Sorting Through the Details Exploring a New City First Day of Vacation I Forget Why I Came Here Making Moonlit Plans Afternoon Rest
Next on the List Scent of Fallen Leaves Sudden Splash of Seawater Pop-Up Carnival Letting Your To-Do List Wait
Dreams Fly Out the Window Forgotten Scrapbook Seaside Daydream Learning to Read a Map Right Where You Left Off The Time We Thought We Knew Where We Were Going

West Bend, Wisconsin

Artist Statement:

My abstract mixed media work combines collected materials like vintage books, ledgers, and hand-written correspondence with expressive layers of paint and drawn marks. This juxtaposition of found paper ephemera, which carries history of its own, with my intuitive use of color creates contemporary paintings that celebrate the energy of the present as well as the nostalgia of the past. 

Johnson’s work is hard to categorize- collage? painting? mixed media? Megan says that she works in layers- obscuring some parts and revealing others, while she shows a build-up of color, texture, and material. To her, this process represents a personal experience that she hopes will draw you, the viewer, into her images that will demand a closer inspection.

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