Woody Jackson

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Champlain Patterns Mountain Hollows Broken Meadow Dairy Valley
Evening Blues Low Cloud State Park Summer Line Up Swamp Road
Rocky Pastures Spring Cleaning Red Sky Warming Cloud Mountain Stream Copse
Cat Tails Sunrise Cloud Rolling Red Hills Summer Garden Sun Blossoms
Sun Meadow Century Oak Two Silos Addison Lake Fog Spring Cleaning
Inside the Fence Dairy Clouds Farm Pond Clay Plains Bend in the Road Farm
York Hill Maple Sky Fall Breezy Meadows Intervale Etta's Barn
Monumont Farm Ridgetop Barns Three's A Crowd College Hill Sunrise Flowering
Last Row High Flying Cows Dead End Lush Pasture Resting Easy Shady Ledge

Woody Graduated from Middlebury College in 1970. He then spent several years doing odd jobs around Addison Country, and began his lengthy artistic love affair with the cows that are his trademark.  In 1978 he left the area to attend Yale for his Master of Fine Arts, from where he graduated in 1980 and took an apartment in Brooklyn, just outside Manhattan.  The city setting surrounding him soon appeared in his work, providing a sharp contrast to his bucolic cowscapes; occasionally the two collided within one painting. 

Woody then return to Vermont to purchase the farmhouse in which he lived after his graduation from Middlebury. He now resides in Addison County with his wife and business partner Ingrid. 

In the Artist's Words:

"There were several times I declared I'd never do another cow painting, but I have never gotten sick of the cows. I still love the cows. Every time I see the cows out in the field, they jump right out."