Marieluise Hutchinson

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A Time to Plant The Glowing Moon

Summer Wind

Full Snow Moon Tribute to Time
Federal Hill
Boat in a Barn Comings and Goings  Country Life
Summer Haze

Pepppers and Pussy Willows
 Autumn Twilight First Star No School
Country Christmas Evening Star Hay There Star Bright
Winter Glow Winter Walk Moonlight and Starlight Winter Lights
Moonbeams on Fresh Snow Up Country

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As an Amica customer for many years, Marieluise was selected to design one of Amica’s annual Thanksgiving cards. This year, the artwork featured on the card's cover was painted by Marieluise Hutchinson of Yarmouth Port, Mass., and Cushing, Maine, who has been insured by Amica for 49 years. This video introduces you to the artist, her painting style and the wonderful barn-home she helped build in Maine.

Artist's Statement:

People have a wistful yearning for what was. I like to paint things of the past. I have almost a homesickness for the irrecoverable past.

The traditional rural farmscapes and barns continue to populate Marieluise’s paintings of quintessential New England. She enjoys paying homage to once- prominent farmsteads as well as cottages along New England’s coast. Marieluise began to paint in her late twenties and is entirely self-taught. Her work has a tone of thoughtfulness, a tangible silence. An image may evoke the feeling of a crisp autumn evening, the pensive passage from fall breezes to the chill snap of winter, or the solitude that follows a New England snowfall. Her vision is precise, without action, leaving much to the viewer's imagination. In essence, Marieluise's paintings stir memories and embody Yankee values of character, integrity and promise.