Paola Gracida

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Black and White Tower Vase & Multicolor Bowl Tower Vase Bowl Blossom Pots & Cone Vase
Paola Gracida Paola Gracida Paola Gracida Paola Gracida

St. Joseph, MI

Over the years, I have lived in Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Brazil and America. My world experiences have culminated in an "international" vision for my ceramics. My work transcends any cultural cliché
and becomes "human."

There is something about ceramics that is similar to our life experience. Clay as a material is such a dynamic medium. It is constantly changing and the process of ceramics literally pulls you to be in the present, giving you a continuous feedback, reflecting all your actions. It educates your movements through repetition.

Gracida creates a visceral experience through shape, color, texture, and form in her handmade pottery.

We are her exclusive American gallery.