Cécile Ganne

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By the River Waterway Hills of Montpellier
Before the Rain Strate Plum Fields Prairie
Nocturne Woodstock All in the Golden Afternoon Between You and Me One Tree Hill

Artist's Statement:

Painting for me is an intuitive transcription of a wave of emotion when I find a view that strikes my soul- often landscapes. For me, “landscapes” is a word for any type of horizon where subjects emerge and engage the onlooker.

Ganne is a French contemporary landscape artist based in Boston, Massachusetts. She works primarily with oils and cold wax to create her abstract ephemeral landscapes. People often compare her interpretive style and color palette to later Cezannes. She says that her newer pieces, as shown here in the gallery, reflect a new more spontaneous and freer style. Each landscape- sometimes imagined, re-imagined, or dreamed, is a window of experimentation for her with different materials, shapes, colors, and textures.