Ellen Hopkins Fountain

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Barn and Roadway, Plainfield Marshfield Pathway Passage 1 Passage 2 Putney
Snow Field with Fence East View II Screened Porch Pond, Melissa's Meadow
Marshfield Barn Changing Skies Over Scamman Farm
View Through Shrouded Landscape Dragonfly Butterfly Bee
Early Morning Emery Farm 2 Moonrise over the Bay Clouds over Scamman Farm
Fields After Rain Pergola Farm at Boulder Vale Blue Marsh
After the Rain The Old Perkins Place ales, Norvelt

New Market, NH

“Ms Hopkins is at her best when she portrays the natural light of either end of the day”
New York Times

Artist's Statement:

I paint in watercolor, in part due to the range the medium affords me. One can paint translucent washes and multiple glazes, or thick opaque color using just enough water to carry the pigment from the palette to the paper. Watercolor offers the variety and challenge to keep me interested. It allows me to do something different every day.

Mainly a landscape painter, Ellen is attracted to the shapes and color relationships of the earth, especially in the early morning or during the last hour of the day. Her subjects are chosen based on her response to them, such as the way the light rakes across the foreground, or the way the clouds linger in the sky at the end of the day. The landscape never fails to move her. Ellen is drawn again and again to the imagery along the Hudson River and the Palisades, near her former home in upstate New York, for her landscapes. Since moving to New Market, New Hampshire, Ellen has many new venues to explore.