Irma Cerese

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Knight Pond Hamblin Pond #9 Hamblin Pond #12 Mansfield #5
Wing Trail #7 Sheep Pature #8 Lueneburger Heide #1 Provincetown #5 Cadillac Mountain #1
Cape Rosier #14 Blue Hill #2 Blue Hill #3 Pitcher Pond #8 Knight Pond #19
Knight Pond #15 Knight Pond #10 Knight Pond #20 Rockport #5 Stockbridge #3

My expressive acrylic landscapes provide a point of reference for the viewer, but whose focus is the overall color atmosphere. To me, painting is an intense, visceral process of manipulating colors on a canvas with knife and brush where much is improvised as I strive to produce work that creates a compelling visual experience in its own right, rather than to convey information or illustrate an idea. I incorporate elements of the natural world – trees, sky, ground, water, buildings – into an underlying geometric structure, where some shapes are only loosely tethered to the perceived world. My primary focus is to create an overall color atmosphere that is capable of evoking an emotional response in the viewer.

Irma Cerese presents expressive landscapes that sometimes border on the abstract but still provide a point of reference for reality. She was formally schooled at the Academy of Art and the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. She moved to New York where she maintained her studio and exhibited in several commercial galleries. She has lived in Massachusetts since the late eighties.