Frank Califano

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Friends Walking

Let's Talk When We Were Young Last Days of Summer

Shelburne, Vermont

Artist's Statement:

Before starting a sculpture, I already have a name for the piece and a good idea of what it will look like. I do no preliminary modeling or sketches. My sculpture remains in my thought process until it has been clearly defined and processed. This helps me to create the fresh and spontaneous forms of my bronzes.

Frank feels that the visual arts are no different from the written or performing arts in that each artist is seeking that truly great novel or performance. Frank begins the sculpture process by modeling his equestrian and human forms in wax or oil- based clay. He then makes his final limited edition castings in bronze. His ultimate goal as a sculptor is to create pieces that are straightforward, immediate and unselfconscious, as in the primitive art he so admires. Frank is an associate member of the National Sculpture Society, the Copley Society, and a past board director of the Northern Vermont Art Association. His work is shown and collected nationally.