Anne Cady

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Another Day, Chores Done Back to the Days of Horses Looking for You, in the Green and the Blue Pink Fields of Hope
See the Twins on the Hill Tops The Folks on Blue Hill We're Wearing Our Turquoise for the Hill Party
A Land Well Tended Blue Mountain Looking Back to Before The Hills with a Thank You Song Three Golden Trees
Blue Mountain Trees Talking Two Turning Ten
With her Gold Dress on Back Again to the Dream Under a Yellow Sky Boats in Blue

New Haven, Vermont

Artist Statement:

Vermont is my home. Its pastoral beauty has romanced me since I was a young child, and has inspired much of my journey as an artist. The first marks on each canvas are the beginning of a personal story drawn from memories of places and moments in my life. As I work, the color and compositional relationships are mine to imagine. It is freeing to be the inventor of what is true. That is the play and the challenge that pulls me to the studio each day.

Anne has spent her life painting and teaching art. By combining her passion for art and her love of children, Anne has been responsible for establishing several children's art programs.

Anne's style is bold and eye-catching and her interpretation of perspective pulls you into her landscapes. Her bold use of colors defines the shapes, rhythms, patterns and light found in nature.

Anne, a Vermont native and Middlebury College alum, continues to live outside of Middlebury.