Jeanne Amato

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 Coneflowers Poppy Blossom Big Poppy Queen Anne's Lace Yellow Lily
Shear Delight  Tom White Hill Buttercups at Hewittville River's Reflection Red Maple
Into the Woods January Thaw Silhouettes Solitude Autumn Afternoon

South Royalton, Vermont

Artist Statement:

Woodcuts are a form of relief printmaking. The areas which receive ink remain raised while the unused area is removed. This is done with various tools such as gouges, knives and an electric engraver. Once a drawing of an image is created, a tracing of it is transferred onto a block of japanese all-shina plywood. When the transfer is completed, the actual cutting begins. Multiple blocks of wood are used to achieve the image.

When all the blocks are cut, proofing is needed to establish the exact colors desired as well as the order of printing. Each block is then printed in succession on a sheet of Japanese "washi" paper. All of my woodcuts are "hand-pulled" and should not be confused with offset reproductions. They are all original works of art.

Jeanne was born and raised in Connecticut and is one of six children. She attended New Hampshire's Keene State College and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in printmaking. Jeannne has studied with some of New England's most famous print makers while she developed her own unique process and style. Jeanne also teaches art and has taught printmaking internationally.